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o Java has emerged as a leading development platform based on its modular, component-oriented architecture. Lincesoft ensures the highest application quality and shortened development cycles by employing the best J2EE application framework. This enables a developer to jump-start into development right away, without worrying about the intricacies behind database connectivity, File I/O, error handling, session and application management.
o The most common reason for adopting Java is that it simplifies development and deployment, also reducing time and costs. It offers companies portability and scalability to meet changing business needs. J2EE promotes Programming in Java resulting in Java-centric computing, and all components deployed into a J2EE deployment (like EJB components and Servlets) must be written in the Java language. Other languages can be bridged into a J2EE solution through web services, CORBA, JNI, or the JCA.
o Most J2EE web-based enterprise applications are split into three logical tiers, Presentation Tier, Business Logic Tier, and Enterprise Information System Tier. The presentation tier, which aims at presenting the business information to the user, is implemented using Servlets, JSPs and HTML/WML. The business tier, where core business mechanisms are implemented, is usually encapsulated in EJBs (Enterprise Java Beans). The enterprise information system tier, which represents different kinds of legacy systems, database servers, etc is usually accessed through the JDBC API and other standard interfaces provided by the J2EE Connector Architecture