Oil and Gas

Filling Energy by Eliminating Complexities
Internationally, the oil and gas area is extending in more hard situations than whenever in its history. The business is tending to new difficulties by setting out on arrangements to influence venture information and ongoing investigation for information administration, security, and administrative consistence to diminish time to first oil, investigation hazard, and cost per barrel while enhancing the generation rate.

  • Rising transport demand and costs
  • Sticking to safety and regulatory agreement in order to reduce time
  • Managing energy efficiency demands from regulators
  • Exploring new oil fields and non-conventional sources
  • Aging workforce and low knowledge retention

What Lince Soft is doing
Our core energy service offerings incorporate business change arrangements that give lower costs and upgraded administration through enhanced administration and consistence. Our answers offer ideal advantages by utilizing rising advances, (for example, High Performance Computing, Big Data, Cloud, and so on.), and offering flawless innovation incorporation and consistent coordinated effort with accomplices.
At Lince Soft, our worldwide vitality specialists offer end-to-end administrations in making refined arrangements that are deft, vigorous, and proactive in nature. Our answers are agreeable with both household and remote administrative prerequisites. We embrace keen models and procedures to offer arrangements custom-made for midstream and downstream associations. Our quality recommendations are straightforward and straight-forward:

  • Better business change — through key arranging administrations to create future business operations, (for example, Digital Oil Field, Digital Pipeline Management, Office of the Future)
  • Development organizations — with worldwide majors in mining and oil field administrations industry
  • Utilization of rising advances — put resources into new innovations, for example, Big Data, High Performance Computing, Mobility, Analytic’s, and Cloud
  • Advanced resource administration — upgrade resource administration procedures and move basic leadership toward ongoing through proactive methodology and in-house huge information Hadoop lab
  • ITOPS arrangements — results driven Integrated Technology and Operations (ITOPS) arrangements. Presently pay just for results through result situated plan of action
  • Item building—offers end-to-final item advancement.