Enterprise Business Solutions

Lince Soft has broad experience over the Enterprise Business Solutions suite of utilizations, including Enterprise Resource Planning, Business Intelligence, and Performance Management. We give end-to-end offeringsand industry-driving answers for a huge variety of commercial projects, including Telecoms, Retail, Manufacturing,and Logistics.
Business to Business/Electronic Data Interchange
Lince Soft influences its broad involvement in Business-to-Business (B2B), Electronic Data Interchange (EDI), and Technology Services (TS) to offer IT counseling, usage, and bolster administrations. Our B2B arrangement structure gives clients the adaptable, practical answers for accomplish consistent combination and proficient task administration. Our B2B IT outsourcing arrangements and EDI execution administrations empower clients to productively deal with their store network through e-business methodologies.
We offer arrangements our worldwide clients over numerous verticals, including retail, producing, innovation, car, pharmaceuticals, and logistics. We offer full life cycle execution for EDI frameworks and B2B exchanges with post-usage support. Our primary concern edge: We’ve “let’s not go there again” with regards to envisioning the remarkable elements affecting a commonplace usage environment and scene.
Our B2B and innovation administrations are more financially savvy as your volume develops and proficiency levels make strides.
Esteem Propositions
Our edge in B2B IT and EDI administrations space incorporates:
• Extensive area learning
• Project experience crosswise over verticals, for example, Automotive, Retail, Manufacturing, High-tech, Pharma and Logistics.
• End-to-end arrangements in IT counseling, IT improvement, IT upkeep and IT relocation
• Solution replication to decrease organization time
• Capability to handle vast scale engagements
• Dedicated seaward improvement communities for a portion of the clients
Post-Merger and Acquisition IT coordination
Recently shaped associations coming about because of mergers and acquisitions (M&A) are regularly loaded with unique and excess frameworks, procedures, and IT foundation crosswise over different specialty units — decreasing productivity and expanding IT administration costs.
Lince Soft helps ventures deal with their post-merger and obtaining IT Integration by means of:
• Pre-Deal Due Diligence: “As-seems to be” evaluation of innovation abilities, Business Processes and Organization’s Readiness to be obtained
• Post-Deal Due Diligence: “As-Seems to be” investigation of innovation, procedures and association society of both organizations to characterize “To Be” condition of target endeavor in view of merger business objectives
• Integration Execution: Managing arranged business move and human part of progress amid usage of IT combination ventures
Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)
Maybe you’re persuaded about the advantages of SOA yet uncertain on the most proficient method to move dynamically toward a Service Oriented Enterprise. To profit from SOA, you have to characterize the accompanying:
• SOA application zones inside an endeavor
• How to empower applications and manufacture a procedure adjusted business endeavor
• The ideal time for a specific SOA venture
• Lince Soft helps organizations change to a Service Oriented Enterprise through our offerings in the methodology, usage, estimation and administration periods of a SOA program:
• Strategy: SOA Architecture Planning, Service Discovery
• Implementation: Service Definition and Cataloging, Service Mosaic Creation, SOA Platform Realization
• Measurement: Risk Management, Value Management, Enterprise SOA Assessment
• Governance: Structure and process definition