Embedded Services

Embedded Systems

Embedded product a plan is a concentrating area that needs Skilled expertise, costly tools and updated equipment. In action, there’s we have so many needs for different business services such as industry plan, mechanical s plan, Electrical engineering along with legal certification. For OEMs, it is although difficult to get all these requirement under one embedded services. moreover, Instance changes in tech and Small time to market, makes huge attractive investment in tools, That’s where, services of a reliable partner like Happiest Minds would be of immense advantage.

Lincesoft Solutions offers a large range of Embedded Systems that are work towards change an idea into a finished product. This includes

  1. Firmware
  2. Hardware Design
  3. Software Design
  4. Mechanical Design
  5. Regulatory Certifications

Lincesoft Solutions expertise in every part of the service life cycle, Lincesoft Solutions brings in a wealth of people experts in designing various variety of services cutting across different domains such as Wearable s,Automation IoT Devices , Telecom, Industrial,Computing ,Networking,Storage and more.

Our talented personnel use updated tools, culture lab and more trusted a interconnected systems partners, we serve to the most advanced stage in the development technology sphere and inheritance platforms. Our expertise team, a perfect combine of experience and innovate, has the expert skill to manage projects ranging from mini-form factor design to Many-board system designs.